BearingChecker - your affordable expert

BearingChecker is a handheld, pocket-size, user friendly instrument. It is economical, reliable and straightforward.

In an industrial environment, dirt, humidity, splashes and sometimes harsh temperatures are unavoidable. With its robust and ergonomic design, BearingChecker endures the environmental challenges of daily maintenance work. It also withstands the impacts of rough usage.

  • Built-in sensors make BearingChecker a durable and multifunctional instrument.
  • Using the Shock Pulse Method, BearingChecker measures the condition of ball and roller bearings. The instrument can also be used to determine lubrication condition and identify possible cavitation in pumps.
  • An infrared temperature sensor allows concurrent measurement of surface temperature.
  • The instrument also has an electronic stethoscope function for detecting machine sound irregularities.
  • Measurement results in green, yellow and red give an instant and reliable indication of equipment condition in an easy-to-understand way. Up to 10 readings can be stored and easily retrieved.
  • BearingChecker has connectors for ear phones and external probes. With the use of a quick connector, the instrument can be used for bearing measurement on the vast majority of rotating industrial machines that are delivered with SPM adaptors.
  • When not in use, automatic power off conserves battery power. When switched back on, Bearing Checker resumes its last mode.
  • EX version available

Technical data - Bearing Checker

Swedish174 kB
English171 kB
German186 kB
French217 kB
Spanish116 kB
Italian119 kB
Dutch176 kB
Finnish115 kB
Korean305 kB
Japanese440 kB

Technical data - EX version

Swedish126 kB
English116 kB
German130 kB
Italian135 kB
Dutch127 kB