Welcome to the world of condition monitoring!

Reliability: Repeatability, Accessibility, Practicality and Criticality.

Condition based maintenance with SPM

Condition based maintenance is the best way to optimize machine availability and reduce production losses. Early fault detection and evaluated data for condition based maintenance is our main business. SPM covers every aspect, from handheld instruments and permanently installed warning devices to large scale online monitoring systems controlled by our own software.

Automatic evaluation of all condition data is very important for fast and economic condition assessment. SPM instruments automatically evaluate measured data and supply easy-to-understand green – yellow – red status indications on all measuring points.

Tools for every monitoring need

The concept of strategic condition monitoring is quite simple. The types of mechanical faults which can occur on a given machine are well known to your maintenance personnel. What they need is, first: a straightforward message that a damage is developing, and second: an indication of damage severity.

High quality maintenance tools and equipment for machine alignment complete our line of cost-effective tools for maintenance in all branches of industry. Choose the monitoring equipment best suited to your economic and technical requirements.

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